0025854: Visualization, TKOpenGl - add option to request Core profile 3.2+

Since OCC 6.9.0 there is an option to explicitly request OpenGL core profile (see http://tracker.dev.opencascade.org/view.php?id=25854).

By default, compatibility profile is requested on Desktops.
Does anything speak against requesting core profile if my application does not use custom OpenGL commands?
Will this possibly increase performance on some graphics cards?


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Dear Timo,

Core Profile unlikely provides any noticeable performance boost,
although OCCT will not perform additional OpenGL calls in this context.

The main reason for this option is to allow OCCT to use new OpenGL features on drivers implementing compatibility profile up to version 2.1 only - which is the case only on OS X and Linux systems for the moment.
In other cases (e.g. on WIndows) this option will just reduce rendering capabilities (like line width limited to 1 pixel).
So if your application does not suffer from these issues - it is unlikely you really need to activate this option.

It should be noted, however, that several bugs with Core Profile have been fixed after OCCT 6.9.0 release,
and some rarely used functionality is not yet available in this mode.
Otherwise you can safely use this option - the simplest way is just to try.

Best regards