About bounding box?

TopoDS_Shape theShape = ##;
Bnd_Box B;

BRepBndLib::Add(theShape, B);
B.Get(Xmin, Ymin, Zmin, Xmax, Ymax, Zmax);
This result is for the aixs-aligned bounding box, not for oriented bounding box. Does anyone know how to compute the oriented bounding box of shape in OCC. THanks a lot.

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The "oriented" bounding box can be an arbitrary concept. If you know your orientation, you can create a new shape that is a transformed version of your original and get the bounding box on that. Then, if necessary, you can transform the bounding box coordinates back to the original shape's coordinate system.

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Dear Bachrach, Thanks for your reply. Actually the "oriented" is just used to differentiate from the "assigned" bounding box, not specific meaning. Please refer to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bounding_box
Thanks a lot.

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Ok. In that case, no. It does not exist to my knowledge. :-)


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Anyway, thanks for your consideration.

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Developing the idea of Rob, I suggest that you compute principal axes of inertia of your shape using BRepGProp functions, and transform the shape from that system before computing bnd box.