Accelerated OpenGL

Hi !

Does Open CASCADE work with accelerated OpenGL on Linux ? (I have RedHat 6.1 with a GLX extension and the Riva TNT2 accelarated drivers).

I guess I will need to compile it because it has to be compiled with GLX support and without any Mesa specific stuff, but I have had some problems with some apps with the TNT2 driver.

Mikael Aronsson

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Hi Mikael,

Unfortunately , as you could see on the web site "", it seems that NVIDIA does not want to show the specification of there product and I'm afraid that no driver exist for the TNT2 under LINUX at mean you write to NVIVIA company directly.


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You can get official drivers for linux from NVIDIA :

There is also a FAQ with explainations on using the from NVIDIA on top of MESA.


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Hi !

I already have accelerated OpenGL on my Linux, but there are a few bugs in it, so what I asked was if anyone have used the TNT2 OpenGL on Linux with CASCADE, I just wanted to know if anyone have tried it, and got it to work, would be nice to know before I download it.


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I have a TNT card and I installed the drivers from Nvidia. It works almost ok except some system crashes. But I have also reproduced those crashes with the sample demos delivered with Mesa package, so I don't think the problem comes from OpenCascade.

Jean Michel.