Again on shape splitting

I'm "tryng" to split a face with a shell.

I'm using BRepAlgoAPI_Section to create the splitting wire.

The problem is that the shape resulting from the splitting is not null but do not contains any edges!

What does this means?

Cauchy Ding's picture

Search topic about "BRepAlgoAPI_Section", you will find many guys suggest us do NOT use it any more.
"BRepAlgoAPI_Section" doesn't work well, "BRepAlgo_Section" is more robust.
BTW: The trim API in OCC is not good enough compared with other commerical CAD.

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I'm really frustrated about this topic.
I have to work with very large model and i need to split them in subsections. With OCC it seems a never ending task...

Thank you for the hint i'll try BRepAlgo_Section to see if it works better...