AIS Limitations


in AIS there is a lot of using enumerations (for example: Quantity_NameOfColor myHilightColor in AIS_Interactive context).
In my opinion it would be better using the real types like Quantity_Color. So users coud select the whole range of possibilities instead just the few ones from enumeration.

What are you thinking about such a change (I know it would be a lot of work - but a good improvement).

Best regards,
Patrik Müller

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I've registered this improvement proposal with OCC468 internal code.

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I wonder if this would be as difficult as it seems. It depends on how deep the enumerations go, at some point they should be translated into an actual color, correct?
I have both functions in my own AIS code, one takes an enum, the other a Quantity_Color object. I would suggest overloading so that both will work.

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As I wrote - only a lot of work.

Let's hope for V5.