AIS_ConnectedInteractive documentation wrong?

>>From AIS_ConnectedInteractive is an object instance, which reuses the geometry of the connected object but has its own transformation, material, visibility flag, etc. This connection is >>propagated down to OpenGl level, namely to OpenGl_Structure. OpenGl_Structure can be connected only to a single other structure.

However this does not work. Setting transparence, color or material has no effect on AIS_ConnectedInteractive. All values are shared from the referenced AIS_InteractiveObject. Is this an documentation 'bug' or is there a way to change material?

Kirill Gavrilov's picture

Yes, this is an error in documentation - the Materials are defined NOT at Object/Structure level, but at Primitive Array groups (e.g. at Object parts, even if Object consists of a single part).
Therefore, it is not possible customizing a Material for different instances of AIS_ConnectedInteractive pointing to the same AIS_InteractiveObject - only visibility and local transformation can be overridden.

Patches improving documentation are welcome!