AIS_InteractiveContext::RemovelAll() on OCCT 6.8.0


I would like to clear my view window without deleting the objects presented in it. On OCCT 6.7.9, AIS_InteractiveContext::RemovelAll() did the trick, but now on 6.8.0 I get the following exception:

00007FFD7E7B0 : Standard_NoSuchObject: TCollection_DataMap::Find

Any clues as to why this is happening?

Thanks in advance,

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Just an update:

I tested AIS_InteractiveContext::Remove(const Handle(AIS_InteractiveObject)& aniobj) instead of RemoveAll(), in particular using an argument of type Handle(AIS_Shape), to clear the view from the only object in it.
The problem repeats itself, though the number code on the exception is different:

00007FFB3457E7B0 : Standard_NoSuchObject: TCollection_DataMap::Find

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Dear Rodrigo,
To say something definite a complete scenario to reproduce the issue should be provided, because there are no problems to remove AIS_Shape from context in Draw Harness.
For now it looks like an application bug.

Best regards

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Thank you for the reply, FSR. I will continue my investigation of the issue, as you are probably correct.

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Just closing this issue, I managed to track it down to the following:

// Part 1
handle_modelo3D = new AIS_Shape(t_shape);
myAIScontext->Display(handle_modelo3D, AIS_Shaded, TopAbs_FACE);

// Part 2

// Part 3

After some teste, I noticed the problem only ocurred after issuing OpenLocalContext() on Part 2, which exists because it is the only thing that worked (I wanted a single face of my model to highlight when the mouse cursor moved over it).
So I've made the following changes to part 3. I don't even know if removing an AIS_Shape from closed contexts does anything, but it solved my problem.

// Part 3

I am leaving this here in case other people have the same issue. Thanks again!