AIS_InteractiveObject: Initialization bug

After spending a few hours trying to track down a strange behavior, I found the reason for it. It only happens when I try to run a Delphi application that uses a DLL which makes heavy use of OCC. When it runs in C++, the strange behavior does not pop up.

In my copy of OCC 6.3, in file ais_interactiveobject.cxx, lines 56 to 69: myHasTransformation is NOT initialized. It should be set to Standard_False. It caused detected/selected shapes to be given a different location, thus making them impossible to track.

I modified my local copy to include the fix, and I hope you include it also in OCC's code.

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Good idea! It won't only help you, it will also help anyone looking for patches.

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Please show an example of use OpenCascade in Delphi. Very much I want to work with OpenCascade.

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... not incorporated in OCCT 6.5.2


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Hello Paul,

I hope you don't mind me reporting this bug on the dev website...

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Hi Pawel.

I don't mind, but I thought the fix had been included already. I switched to my own visualization framework long ago now, so I wouldn't have known anyway.