AIS_LengthDimension Arrow Size too big

Hello, i am having a problem with arrow size of a length dimension, when my model is very small.

Consider following scenario: i create a 10x10x10 box:

BRepPrimAPI_MakeBox lShape(1, 1, 1);

Then find 2 points that i want to measure and create my length dimensions object like that:

Handle(AIS_LengthDimension) lengthLabel = new AIS_LengthDimension(beginPoint, endPoint, gp_Pln(beginPoint, gp_Dir(0,0,1)));


ArrowTailSize: 6
Length: 6
DisplayUnits: m

Neither of the parameters that i change changes the displayed arrow size.

It looks ugly and too big (see atached file). 

Do any of you have a idea how can i change the size of displayed arrows?

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Bumping my question up.

It really seems to me, that the arrow size is constant and can not be changed. Does anyone have feedback or experience with AIS_LengthDimensions?

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Bumping my question again. Any ideas? Please?

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Hi Robert,

I think you can use Prs3d_DimensionAspect and Prs3d_ArrowAspect to do some customization.

    Handle(Prs3d_Drawer) hDrawer = m_hAISContext->DefaultDrawer();
    Handle(Prs3d_DimensionAspect) hDimensionAspect = hDrawer->DimensionAspect();
    Handle(Prs3d_ArrowAspect) hArrowAspect = hDimensionAspect->ArrowAspect();

Hope it helps!


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Thank you very much. For future reference - there are similar methods on the AIS_LengthDimension object, but they DO NOT WORK. Maybe your answer will save someone else time when they are faced with a similar problem.