Does AIS_Trihedron support a shading mode? By default, its appears to be rendered as a wireframe mode, and by glancing the source code it seems like a shaded mode ( like the GraduatedTrihedronDisplay method of the V3d_View class ) is not support. That said, the documentation is not explicit about this, and this is somewhat confusing, since I can call the AIS_Trihedron.SetDisplayMode(AIS_Shaded), which kind of hints at such a shaded mode...



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Dear jelle,

In fact you already answered yourself - AIS_Trihedron does not implement shaded presentation.

GraduatedTrihedronDisplay() has been referred my mistake - V3d_View::TriedronDisplay() is indeed has such presentation mode.

However it's implementation lies outside of AIS level for historical reasons and can not be used as dedicated object.

Any contribution is welcome. At the same time we would be glad to improve OCCT functionality if you will decide to request our services.

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