Anyone Know how to select all the objects contained partially into a rectangle?

I have seen that with NIS_View it's possible to select object contained on a rectangle that are fully contained in it or not (using a flag on the Selection function of the NIS_View), but this only works with a NIS_InteractiveObject.
Using the old AIS_InteractiveObject the selection is made with the AIS_InteractiveContext that can make the selection of the objects contained on a rectangle but only the fully contained objects.
In the Select funtion of the AIS_InteractiveContext there is no possibility to specify the 2 cases (Fully contained or Partially contained).
Is there a way to implement the selection of AIS_InteractiveObject (AIS_Line, AIS_Shape...) that are partially contained in a rectangle with the AIS (using AIS_InteractiveContext)?
If now there is not an explicit support for doing this it will be a very useful upgrade for the next release of OpenCascade.

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Any ideas?