Application Framework for NT


Please, I need a little help : I installed Cascade for NT4, and now it's runnig well (All exemples run, as well as the demo.bat application).

My question is : How can I launch the Application Framework ? I can't see any .bat or .exe in this file (.zip). Anyway, the only .exe I've got is ttopology that seem's to be ok.

thank's for advices,


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Hi Norbert!

Application Framework is not an real application itself. It's the framework, which allows developing of real applications by reuse of existing high-level components and comination of them in order to build Your own data model and have the possibility of working with the Application/Document/Attribute architect. It allows generic way for Open/Save/Undo/Redo and so one and aggregation of application data in the way You need.

If You look at the ShapeViewer sample application, it's done with the application framwork help. I may advise You to read the documentation around Application Framework, which You can download from OpenCASCADE site.

Good luck.