Ask something about the selecting mode

Recently I want to select the primitives as circle, cylinder surface or something else. Do the OCC have some specific functions to let me to this so? Or something else I can do? All I know is that Using the AISContext->ActivateStandardMode(TopAbs_Type); But in the TopAbs_Type there are only TopAbs_Edge and TopAbs_Face, but not what I need. Can someone help me out?
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As time passes by, I have no clue at all. Now I know I can iterate the shape to get the dynamic shape, like Geom_Circle or something else. And also know a little bit of GeomAbs_CurveType and GeomAbs_SurfaceType's enum, but I donot konw how to inactivativate the StandardMode to dynamicly select nothing when mouse is moving, and either to activate the Non standardMode to select only sphere surface, for example, using the GeomAbs_Sphere. Can anyone help me out?