Bench Templated Libraries

This project aims to complete performance benchmarking for numerical libraries in orderto evaluate the use of C++ template based libraries in scientific computing codes.

BLAS 1,2,3 and lapack calculations are performed using ifferent tools (libraries).
Up to now calculation performance (MFLOPS) using the following C++ template libraries Blitz++, MTL, ublasare compared with non OO libs C BLAS (LAPACK), ATLAS, vendor BLAS (Intel)and native language implementation in C, C++ (STL), F77.

The code is designed as generic and modular as possible using generic programming techniques.
Thus, adding new numerical libraries or new numerical tests requires minimal effort.
This modularity feature is essential since we rely on cooperative collaboration to increase scope and validity of these benchmarks. Every contribution (adding a tested library, a numerical test, porting on
other platforms or providing better compilation flags) is not only welcomed butstrongly awaited.

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