Bezier and BSpline surface

I read an iges files and i extract faces in the result shape. I have the type of surface and i have some surfaces which are two types: Bezier surface and Bspline surface. It 'is possible? When i extract UDegree of theses surfaces i have segmentation fault.

I do : void information_Bezier(Handle (Geom_BezierSurface) b,fstream &fichier){ fichier UDegree(); fichier VDegree() ; fichier

what can i do?

Francois Lauzon's picture

You might wan't to check before if your handle is null:

if (!b.IsNull()) { fichier << "Bezier avec : "<< endl; fichier << "UDegree : " ; fichier << b->UDegree(); fichier << " VDegree : " ; fichier << endl; }