Big mesh and opencascade

I am working on a new project.
The input datas are quite big, stl (ascii) files around 10MB, like bones.

I want to use fusion with fillet (prothesis application).

But it seems for the fusion (like in mfc sample "TopologyOperations"), that the input algorithm are only parametric surfaces.

Perhaps opencascade are not the best way for that?
Have you any sugestion?

Thomas Paviot's picture

Hi Ronan,

In OpenCASCADE, boolean operations (section, cut, common, fuse) are performed over TopoDS_Shapes with classes available from the BRepAlgoAPI package. You can use the StlAPI package to open/parse/convert the STL file to a TopoDS_Shape, and then perform any available boolean operation. I don't see any problem a priori (I never tested boolean ops with STL files), but you might face topological issues (due to the poor topological quality coming from the triangle based description of STL).