[Blog] 6.5.0 Visualization Highlights

Open CASCADE 6.5.0 has introduced a few nice (undocumented, as often) features in its Visualization module...read more

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Hi Roman,
Both the referred new features appeared in OCCT 6.4.0 and were documented in relevant Release Notes (and corresponding sources undoubtedly):
- Possibility to show gradient background: page 10
- The new approach to the visualization of 2D layer presentations with LayerItem class: page 9
So, be a little bit more careful in the future ...

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Hi Forum supervisor,
Yes, I did notice these in Release Notes. As I said in an earlier meeting, Release Notes just rock given the level of details they include!
What I meant by 'undocumented' is developer documentation - Visualization User's Guide.

Not meant to blame anyway, sorry if it felt that way.

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It might have been more memorable had 6.4.0 been released to the open source community - doesn't make much sense to read up on features you haven't been given :)