[Blog] CAD Exchanger Beta is available!

This has been a long awaited moment - my personal project CAD Exchanger is up to being made publicly available! The first Beta is out and the official announcement is below. If anyone has to deal with CAD data translation you might want to use it as a preview or as an additional tool. Please submit your comments, bug reports, suggestions, recommendations, and what not at the user's forum (http://www.cadexchanger.com/forum). Thanks!

Read more at http://opencascade.blogspot.com/2009/04/cad-exchanger-beta-is-available.....

Direct product web-site - http://www.cadexchanger.com

Download - http://www.cadexchanger.com/download.html.

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As this is an early start, I would deeply appreciate if you helped spread a word about this project. Any help or advice on how to get it promoted is more than welcome! A link posted on another forum you often participate in, an email to your colleague, friend, supplier or a customer - everything counts and can be helpful.

Feedback on product features, usability, quality is appreciated. Please post your comments or questions on the forum (http://www.cadexchanger.com/forum).