[Blog] License to kill. License to use

Famous James Bond 007 had a license to kill; the "00" designation in his code number meant he had a sanction to apply a deadly force. In order to use any software you also need a license...

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Hi Roman,

I wasn't able to comment directly in the blog so that's why I post here.

There is another issue about the licenses. The impact of the license is directly affected by the applicable laws. An example: in the European Union you must make the user read/understand/accept the license before he/she acquires the product (commercial or not). According to this, if you allow a user to download a software and then - during the installation - show the "license acceptance dialog" the user is not bounded by the presented license agreement (at least that's what I was told by a lawyer).

So if a user in the UE downloads a GPL'ed software but without having the license accepted before he/she downloads... there's a problem...

Is there a lawyer out there??


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Hi Pawel,

Thanks for a comment. I re-posted it along with my reply on the blog.

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If you were right, http://www.gpl-violations.org/ would not exist ;-)