Books about Open Cascade?

Hi everybody,

I am new to Open Cascade. As I am not totally satisfied with the Documentation that came with Open Cascade, I am wondering if there are any books available about it, maybe containing some kind of tutorial. The book should be written in English or German.

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Ulrich Meyer

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Hi !

I am not sure if Matra has any book's about OCC, but you could try to ask at the forum and see...

The documentation is not that bad, start with the PDF files, they do explain the most basic concept 's.

Try to stay away from OCAF, this is a bit messy to understand, also use the DRAW application to test how things work.

With all this things together it'snot very difficult to figure out how it works.

What kind of tutorial do you need, Java/C++/Unix/Windows ?

The example code for Visual Studio are ok and explains a lot of stuff even if you don't inbtend to use Visual Studio.



Hi everyone,

it will be helpful

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If you want to learn more about OpenCascade, you can have a look at: MakeBottle

There are lot of other examples to learn more about OpenCascade. (click on the box on the right top of the screen to open more exmaples)

Hope it helps,