Boolean - FUSE or CUT -- strange

Hello all

If anybody has observed this behavior.

I tried the 'bop' command in THarness.
I created 2 solids ( say a box and cylinder ).

When I do a 'bopfuse' it is actually cutting
and for 'bopcut' is is fusing into one.

The outputs are inverse of the desired input.

- PG

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What is orientation of your shapes? Where do the normals to faces point to? Use the command "normals" to get imagination about the actual normals directions.

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I checked the normals.
Using the 'invert' command and then tried boolean.
Its OK .. thanks

But should I 'invert' or 'complement' .. what is the
difference between these commands on a Shape ?
- PG

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Look at the description of the methods Reverse and Complement of the package TopAbs to see the difference.