Boolean operation : missing faces


I use OpenCacsade (4.0 build 10/2001).
When I use fuse operation I have some
missing faces.

Is this bug have been aleady fixed in new version ?

Or How to avoid this problem ?

I use ShapeFixe_Shape to try to recover the solid , but it returns the same solid with missing shape.

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Yes, this is still a problem in OpenCascade. I have already submitted a bug report for it.
I also tried ShapeFix_Shape without success.

manuel gamito

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Is anybody working on this bug ? I can send him some brep file which can be use to
test the Fuse operation.


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Hi Xavier,
you can put description of the bug to and then zip your brep file and send me by email, . Very soon it will be possible to attach binary stuff to your projects and bugs, but so far please send them by email.
Best Regards