BOPTools_Checker issues

I am creating a planar face from a wire, but when checking for problems using BOPTools_Checker I get errors because it thinks edges are intersecting. I thought it was caused by the change in the precision (tolerance), but it also occurs in the Test Harness using its default precision values.

The commands for the Test Harness are the following:

> polyline w 0 0 0 2000 0 0 0 10000 0 0 0 0
> mkplane f w 1
> bopcheck f
Self-intersection near edges
x1 x2
Self-intersection near edges
x3 x4

To narrow it down a bit more, it is incorrectly found by IntTools_EdgeEdge::Perform in BOPTools_Checker::PerformEE. If instead of 2000 I use 2280 when creating the wire, it works. It looks like that method finds the wrong intersection point when the angle between the edges is less than 12.8°.

Once again, time to write a workaround (more like a re-write of the checker).

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Paul, perhaps something that's relevant to put into the Mantis tracker?
Given that you have a reproducible case, its worthwhile, right?

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The problem isn't reproducible anymore in 6.5.3.

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Nice one, thanks Timo [ and thanks for slapping my on the fingers, should have done that myself... ]