boundary conditions / material parameters from STEP files


is it possible to read in boundary conditions or material parameters of parts of models contained in STEP files (for FEM). i think the STEP standard supports these kind of things. is OCC capable of supplying that data?


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Hello Robert,
my guess is that OCC would read those informations if they are in the step file. You might want to try this simple test just to see if a step entity exist (I know they have package StepFEA and StepElement that have FEM stuff):

STEPControl_Reader aReader;
IFSelect_ReturnStatus stat=aReader.ReadFile("femFile.stp");
Handle_StepData_StepModel aStepModel=aReader.StepModel();
for (Standard_Integer i=1; i<=aStepModel->NbEntities(); i++) {
std::cout << i<<"- NAME:"<Entity(i)->DynamicType()->Name()<