Bravo, progress?

This proposal is right up the alley of what I was looking for. I appreciate the effort that is going into developing the base graphics/geometry/topology/etc libraries of OpenCascade, but I cannot really make anything of use in the domain that I am interested in developing for (conceptual architectural design) without a more developed 'CAD-like' application interface + all necessary supporting infrastructure (basically the middleware as you said).

So, since this is the best thing since sliced bread :), naturally I am curious to know how far along in development is this project?

I would like to offer my time, if it would be useful, to do testing and user-interface feedback/ suggestions (CAD interactive user-interaction techniques), and, time permitting, even some development.


Ricardo L. Avila Rondon's picture

How can I get the library in order to use it in CAPP implementation ?