BRepAlgoAPI_Cut function

Hi. I have a question using BRepAlgoAPI_Cut

In Document, there is a example of cutting 3D Object. (Modeling Algorithms User's Guide page 85). and Example coding is below.

TopoDS_Shape A = .....;
TopoDS_Shape B = .....;
TopoDS_Shape S = BRepAlgoAPI_Cut(A,B);

If i own TopoDS_Shape which Type is Wire or Edge .. etc, Can I use this function?

and Do i get right results??

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You can use these types for the first argument of Cut function.
It seems the documentation of the BooleanOperation should be improved to define clear
valid types of arguments.

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Hi sergey~

Thanks to reply. I check this operator using some example.

first, if I have two object of TopoDS_Wire(or TopoDS_Edge), results is not good . because, maybe they are 1 Dimensional object.

So, I change the object like 2 Dimensional(TopoDS_Face), I get a wanted Results.


Yeon choel