BRepAlgoAPI_Cut results fused shape

Hi all,

I've read on the forum about problems with using the boolean Cut operation on tangent faced solids. Now I've encountered my own little problem. I have two solids (see attached image) from which one is a hexahedron (1: blue, translucent) which should be cut from a more complex solid (1: red). I imported these solids into DRAW (2) and ran

> bcut result a_1 a_2

The result is shown in (3). It looks like the boolean operation was successfully, but the w r o n g boolean operation was performed. Anyone any idea on this?



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this error also occurs in another CAD program which is based on the ACIS CAD kernel. So it's something wrong with the geometry/topology, though the standard tools for error recognition fail to find any errors.


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Dear Dennis G.

The images attached can not clarify the problem.
Could you attach the compound "a" instead.

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Problem solved. Thank you for your attempt to help me.


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Are you sure that you don't swap the arguments in the command line? Is a_1 a red shape and a_2 a blue one?

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No, the arguments weren't swapped. The solid was all wrong, although I do not know which part exactly. The solid had a negative Volume and as I've said in a previous post, the cut result was identical in another ACIS-based CAD-software. I asked my CAD designer to renew the solid and suddenly it worked flawlessly.

Thanks for your idea,