BRepAlgoAPI_Cut wrong cut result

Using BRepAlgoAPI_Cut to cut 2 shapes.

First shape "shape_cut1.stl" (see attachment)

Second shape "shape_cut2.stl" (see attachment)

Result (super wrong result) "123.stl" (see attachment)

I doubt that this can be fixed, where is possible to report such bugs ????

Qr Qr's picture

Hey Anatoly,
It looks pretty much like you first used some faceter to produce the operand shapes. Do you read them with StlAPI_Reader then? If so, it is a very bad idea. Your shapes have an enormous number of boundaries, which all are going to be intersected with each other by a Boolean operation. It cannot handle it properly, but it is not really designed for that. If you want to use boundary evaluation and merging algorithms like OpenCascade's Booleans, you first need to fit your mesh with adequate B-Rep representation. Just note that any geometric modeler will have troubles with such ill-defined B-Reps.

Good luck!