BrepAlgoAPI_Fuse Failure

Fuse is failing on me after a several fuses
in a row. I get error number 101 which the docs only say "Errors during second part of the operatio" which is pretty generic and not very helpful. The fuses I'm doing are only translations of a TopoDS_Shape so I don't see why it should be working for the first few translation, fuse sequences but then fail unless there is some accumulation of error going on. Any help on diagnosing the problem or correcting it would be much appreciated.

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I've the same problem. But I didn't find any information about the error 101 (beside the doc comment). Hope someone can help us.


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I have the same problem: fuse 4 tubes on one, OCC fuse 3 of them, and does not do it for the fourth!
Need help too!

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In fact, the one that does not work is ON the line that joins the two end circles of the tube (I see that by exploring the shape and creating points all along the different wires, the points are sent to a dxf file that shows the problem) It can be seen in an other way by exporting a brep file and seing this file with "importExport.exe". The question is "how can we do to prevent this problem?" and the second question is "why doe it do that?"
A good and detailled response from OpenCascade should be great!