BRepBuilder Add method freezes the added entity

Hi All,

I am noticing a very strange behaviour with the latest version (6.5.2) which was not present in 6.3.0. BRepBuilder's Add method freezes the added entity

BRep_Builder aBuilder;
TopoDS_Shell aShell;
aBuilder.Add(m_compoundEntity, aShell); // m_compoundEntity is a TopAbs_Compound

When I further try to do a Add on the the aShell OpenCascade raises a TopoDS_FrozenShape exception. aShell is freezed when added to the compoundEntity. I notice that this behavior was absent in 6.3.0.

Is this a newly introduced bug or is it an intended change. If intentional, then what would be the work around for my case. Is it something fundamentally wrong with what I am doing.

Thank you for your patiece to read it through.

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Dear Kapil,
It is intended behavior.
The specified behavior in version 6.3.0 is considered as a bug.