[BUG] AIS_InteractiveContext::UnsetColor

After unsetting the color of some interactive objects and setting new colors, they are all drawn with the same color when their transparency is changed.

To reproduce the problem you can use the following Draw commands:

restore p.brep p
explode p
vdisplay p_1
vdisplay p_2
vsetdispmode p_1 1
vsetdispmode p_2 1
vsetcolor p_1 red
vsetcolor p_2 green
vunsetcolor p_1
vunsetcolor p_2
vsetcolor p_1 red
vsetcolor p_2 green
vsettransparency p_1 0.5
vsettransparency p_1 0

In our application, the same problem occured when the number of iso lines of the context is changed (via AIS_InteractiveContext::SetIsoNumber) instead of the transparency.

It seems that the shapes use the default drawer in some cases after unsetting the color.

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The problem exists in OCC 6.3.1, 6.5.1 and 6.5.2.
I didn't test other versions.

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Dear Timo,
I would like to inform you that the posted problem has been checked and reproduced.
As you probably know the website dedicated to contributors is available now: http://dev.opencascade.org.
We suggest you to make a contribution via the Collaborative portal.
For bugs registration Mantis Bugtracker is available now.

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OK, I reported the bug in Mantis but I won't fix it.

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OK, thanks for your contribution.
As you understand direct use of the tracker makes the bug advancement process faster
and provides necessary features to track its progress.
Using the tracker, you will get immediate mail notifications about progress with the issue.