[BUG] Common doesn't give any result.


I'm encountering some problem with booleans operations.

I'm trying to get the common part of two planar faces.
The common operation indicate IsDone method return true but generate an empty file whereas the section generate something but it miss one edge which make the face creation impossible because the section is open.

It seems to be a problem of precision or that the two faces are not considered in the same plane.
But i don't know how to "force" the two shapes to be completely in the same plane.

Any ShapeFix ?

The data in the archives :

I've put in the archive, the images of the differents steps.
I've included the brep files and the test case function.

Thanks in advance for any comment or idea.

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Dear Steph,
The reported problem is already fixed in current development version.

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Thanks for the quick answer.
When will it be disponible ?

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I hope very soon.
Watch for our announcements.