[Bug report] Export of names from XDE assemblies to IGES is incorrect

Reproducer in Draw:
Take as1-oc-214.stp from www.cax-if.org
> pload ALL
> NewDoc d XmlXCAF
> ReadStep d as1-oc-214.stp
> WriteIges d as1-oc-214.igs
# IGES file contains no entity names except the assembly root

Root-cause: IGESCAFControl_Writer::WriteNames() iterates over XDE document labels and search for results of their translation into IGES TransferProcess. For assemblies, with nested component structures, each component/subshape has its own location and therefore does not represent a real subshape of an original shape. Therefore it’s not storted in the TransferProcess map and therefore it cannot find its translation result.
For CAD Exchanger I had to work-around using a code similar to CollectStyles applying parent locations along XDE document exploration.

Hope this will be helpful.


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Hello Roman,

Thank you for the bug report.
This problem is now registered with reference number OCC21802.

Best regards,
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Cool! Thanks, folks.
I currently ended up with adding a code that would produce a map {shape, name} iterating over the document using the algorithm from XCAFPrs::CollectStyleSettings(). This map would contain real subshapes of the root document shapes. Then iterating over the map to find translation results would be straightforward.

Hope this helps.