Can´t build Modules


Has you can see by my previous posts I haven't been able to put thing together in CASCADE.

I'm using Windows2000 professional.

Maybe I need to build the modules again. Is that right?

I defined the include lib path to the folder where the libs would be created and tried to build the modules.

In release mode I build the TKernel project but in the TKMath I get this error: D:\CASCADE\src\PLib\PLib_JacobiPolynomial.cxx(325) : fatal error C1001: INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR (compiler file 'E:\8168\vc98\p2\src\P2\main.c', line 494). What is missing? I don't even have a E:\8168 folder.

In debug mode TKMath is OK but I get some C1073 errors compiling TKSTEPStd project but I’m not using the incremental compilation. I think this is also the project with more included files.

What should I do? And is it really necessary the 4Giga to create the dlls?

Can anyone help me put this together? Thanks in advance.

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Substitute sqrt by Sqrt around the line 321 :

myTNorm->SetValue(i, sqrt (Aux2 * (2*i+2*HermitNivConstr+1) /

replaced by :

myTNorm->SetValue(i, Sqrt (Aux2 * (2*i+2*HermitNivConstr+1) /

These fix are available in the history of OpenCascade sources in the CVS repository. Browse it and go to the PLib unit. Ask for diff between version 1.1 and 1.2, you will get the text i send you.

Happy Chrismas

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Thanks Yan.

That worked just fine.

Maybe you can help me with a CVS issue?

I installed the CAS3.1 from the zip files.

Is it possible to use CVS in my current installation to get updates of CAS3.1?

Do I have to download all CAS3.1 via CVS again?

Thanks again and Happy Christmas.