CAS4.0 online documentation

Is anyone else having trouble with the CAS4.0 online documentation at the link,

I am having trouble using it. I load it up and hit the SEARCH tag in the left hand column. Then I search for "Projector". I get some results and I poke on the link to
HLRAlgo_Projector and I get the error message:

Error 404

The page you have requested does not exist, has been deleted or is not opened to you.

If you have reached this page by a link within the Web site, please contact

I have reported the problem to but haven't received any indication that they got my message yet.


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For what its worth, I get the same error.

If you download the occdoc.chm file it works fine. The page ( has a link to the 'Htmlhelp format' documentation which contains the file occdoc.chm. This will work if you are on a Windows machine. Try that.


I have worked with Blue Sky's RoboHelp before and we had this problem in our online help also. (I think Blue Sky has fixed this in a newer version??????)

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Well, I use a Power Macintosh with Internet Explorer 5.0 for Mac on it. So I won't be able to download the file you mentioned.

I did find that if I downloaded the documentation and then saved the source of the online starting page as index.htm, I could get the documentation to work right on my Mac and be able to search it and get to the resulting links OK. But that means I'm stuck looking at the documentation only on my Mac.

It would be cool if I could use the internet explorer browser from any computer to use the online documentation.