.... it would be really nice to have a Cmake script to build opencascade. No more project-versioning for Visual C++ and faster to mantain (i.e. build static / shared libraries,etc...)

What about it?

jelle's picture

+1, great idea.

Dennis G.'s picture

My PC runs Linux, so no project-versioning issues here, but I'd like to support the idea of a cmake script for upcoming versions of OCC.



T.R.Shashwath's picture

Add my vote!

Arthur Magill's picture

+1 here. I've tried to make sense of the Makefiles, and they're not easy. If anyone out there could provide some direction, I'd be willing to put some time into helping with this.

Roman Lygin's picture

Small comment. We touched the issue of build tool a year ago here - So you can get some info from there.
My point was/is that some standard tool is desired - be it cmake or Scons. WOK is just way too complex for a non black belt. I am fortunate to sit on Windows and use Visual Studio projects ;-)

Arthur Magill's picture

Thanks for that Roman, useful as always! I personally like CMAKE - it's well supported, cross platform, and there is generally a lot of expertise around in the open-source community (especially now KDE have switched to it). But I'd be willing to consider SCons or similar also. I think anything that would simplify the build process (for developers and end users) would be good for OCC. It might also help getting OCC into standard Linux repositories (legal questions aside). Any comment from the Debian guys? - I know they've worked heavily on the build process.

QbProg's picture

I use VS projects too, but I remember that for converting from VC8 to VC9 was a real pain! Now, if I'd like to compile with VC10beta , it would be really annoying again. With CMake it would be a simple switch! :)

I never tryed OCC on linux, so I don't how complex it is.

Roman Lygin's picture

Thomas, why *converting* to vc9 ? Aren't they pre-generated already and part of the package ?

QbProg's picture

Yes, the last version has the updated project files. But , if I remember good, the previous version didn't have the VC9 project files!