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Today’s posts on the forum between InnoAppTech and OCC teams’ reps made me think at what could be (in)appropriate to post here. (The posts themselves have been removed from the site however). This is my personal subjective opinion, anyone can agree/disagree with.

I think I understand the reaction of the Forum Supervisor to ban direct commercials. It’s often a convention on most forums.
However, encouraging only free and/or Open Source projects based on OCC would also be undervaluing for the platform and the company eventually. Much of confidence of OCC customers in the platform longevity likely stems from the fact that it has not only enthusiasts’ but also (and primarily) business adoption. So, endorsing business cases are also in the best OCC interests, in my opinion.

Galleries of projects or complementary partner products (which exist today on this site) are relevant but they seem to not applicable for cases like InnoAppTech, as far as I understand. At the same time, its case could be interesting for other readers (like Jelle was commenting). So perhaps, some repository of business cases could be thought of and created.

Again, I am just sharing my perspective and welcoming a discussion. Hopefully the OCC team would not mind this and would join the discussion (even if at the level of personal comments, if that’s appropriate).


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I feel that sould be more approprite than for such commercial application advertisements as already the faq mentions that the difference between both the websites is that "Website addresses to general public and its purpose is to provide information about OPEN CASCADE Company and promote its offer" and "Website is optimized to help the users start their OCCT-based projects, to explain and promote our Open Source software development platform."

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Thanks for the idea, Sharjith.
The .com is indeed about the company, so for me unlikely will it seem logical to promote anyone else ;-). The .org being platform-focused could promote solutions which are relevant to the platform.
Makes sense ?

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I mean, companies that wish to promote their commercial applications should seek commercial help from the OpenCascade company to have their application promotions/advertisements to be pointed through link displayed on the .com website as they have pointed out their customers who benefited from OCC. What I see is, the org website is a genuine place for the technical discussions about the API and its use rather than advertising applications that people have to pay for to buy. I am not against paying for the hard work and solutions :) but the majority of the users who seek this forum are enthusiasts or from academic background who wish to use and afford to use OCC just because it is free. For the commercial players they anyway can use commercial websites to promote their products. Secondly, it makes more sense to have technical questions asked and answered, as I mentioned earlier, or questions closely related to the availability and the capabilities of the API itself.

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Hi Roman,

I definitely agree with the forum supervisor to remove the reply from InnitAppTech to my question. I think this forum is intended to 'OCC community', that is to say a place where OCCT users can share expertise/questions/suggestions/benchmarks/issues/etc. related to the technology itself. As a consequence, a reply to a technical question like "just call us, we will send you any relevant information about our products" does not bring any value to anyone (but the vendor), and has nothing to to do here (IMHO). Note that this includes posts from the forum supervisor: such replies should be made in private emails.

However, it's interesting to know about releases of commercial products using OCCT *if* it helps understanding the benefits from using OCCT over other available kernels, whether it is from a technical or business viewpoint, and get info about "how far the OCCT can be trusted?". This would bring value to the software vendor, the technology vendor (OpenCASCADE) as well as the technology users (both of these three players being the 'Community'), and I would welcome such messages on this forum.

All the best,


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OCC team has created the 'Complementary Components' section. I guess that would be the right place to introduce commercial products...


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The first post on this forum by OCC many years ago ( ) has set the policy, and since i am not aware of any changes of this policy i believe it is still valid.For this case it states that :

"Single, short announcements of Open CASCADE applications are acceptable, but should refer to Web pages for details."

On the rest my opinion is inline with Thomas's opinion on this.


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Thanks to all for sharing their viewpoints. Special thanks to Fotis for referring to the policy.
That all makes sense. So let's try to conform to that.