comparison between ACIS kernel and Open CACSADE


we are in a process of selecting a CAD kernel for our specialised CAD application. We are studing ACIS CAD kernel and open CASCADE kernel.

if somebody help us in evaluating both the products ?

regards Hrishikesh Lele

Robert Boehne's picture

At Ricardo we evaluted every solid modeler we could find.

  • ACIS - for us was $100k / year
  • SMLib - $60k, but it didn't work for a simple test case
  • Parasolid - same price as ACIS, but not C++

Those were all the applicable products we could find, none of which met our criteria for either cost or functionality.
Only Open CASCADE came close.   Also consider platform support, none of the above solutions can provide flexible platform support because the library vendor has to provide it for you, you can not port it yourself. With the addition of GNU Autoconf to Open CASCADE, porting to another platform that uses X is trivial, just configure and build.