Compilation error with opengl functions


I would like to draw a navigation cube over the rendering scene.

So I create my own navcube class with a rendering function, this rendering function use opengl special functions like glBindVertexArray,

but I have a compilation errors like :

\3rdparty\opencascade-7.3.0-vc14-64\opencascade-7.3.0\inc\opengl_glfunctions.hxx(1044): error C3646: 'glIsRenderbuffer' : spécificateur de substitution inconnu (compilation du fichier source CadDocumentDisplay.cpp)
1>d:\projets\cad\3rdparty\opencascade-7.3.0-vc14-64\opencascade-7.3.0\inc\opengl_glfunctions.hxx(1044): error C4430: spécificateur de type manquant - int est pris en compte par défaut. Remarque : C++ ne prend pas en charge int par défaut (compilation du fichier source CadDocumentDisplay.cpp)

In another project (not using opencascade) I used these function without problem.

Do you have an idea please ?

thanks. (sorry for my english)

Kirill Gavrilov's picture

Most likely you have header order inclusion problem or name conflict with external OpenGL function loader (OCCT has its own).

roy roy's picture

Thanks, I finally solve the problem, I had two glext header in my solution