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I need to convert some STEP-files in OBJ or OFF files. I just found this great program "CAD Assistant" that is able to do so on this website. Since I need to convert several hundreds it would take much time to convert them manually. Is there an easy way to convert the files with the command window or something like that? I would really appreciate an answer, since I need this for my bachelor's thesis (I got files from a company in the wrong format and I really need those files :D).



Fabian Ohm

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I don't think you need or want OpenCascade to do this. OpenCascade is a CAD kernel and is a programmers library that you can use in your own C/C++/Python programs.
I think what you need is something like FreeCAD that uses OpenCascade. FreeCAD is an open source CAD system build on top of OpenCascade.
You could take a look at

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Thank you very much, I will look into it :) .

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The batch conversion using CAD Assistant is currently offered only to commercial users.

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Im wondering if it is possible to convert a .IGES file to a .OBJ file in my own application? only call several functions in DLL you have provided.
I only need the convertion function.
Thank you!

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I want to convert a .IGS file a .OBJ file.

I used this command: OccCad2Obj.exe "inputFile.igs" "outputFile.obj" -groupByColor 1

But it generates an .OBJ file without color.
How can I do it?

Thanks a lot.
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