Core dump


I have compiled the code as described in the sourceREADME. For each compilation I got a message like: linked pg++: no input files check Error(s)

When I try the demo I got the following message: limit: coredumpsize :Can't set limit.

What's wrong and what can I do to got the thing fixed? I got a Mandrake6.1 system.



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The environnement variable "JDK" is hard written in the files "set_env.csh". You have to modify this "JDK" path to link it to the location of you jdk folder. I think it can be the source of your problem.

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This sounds like a problem with a setting in your csh environment which is trying to limit core dump size's and is failing. Look for a "limit" statement in your .cshrc files or check it in csh by typing limit . On my system I show a default setting of 1,000,000 kbytes for coredumpsize. I am running Mandrake 6.1 with Kernel 2.2.13-22mdk. The link errors you are seeing appear to be an error in the way the .lnk scripts attempt to verify the link process. If you look at the script, it looks like it tries to compile a test program, sending the output to /dev/null, but it doesn't specify any input files to compile, thus the error message about "no input files". I can run the demo, but sourcing the "demo.tcl" script once it is started results in garbage graphics and some exceptions after the "depouille" command (see my other post regarding that).