Creating an adaptor surface for a cut face


I have a cut face(cutface.png) which I need to access in the parametric space. The original surface is the shell without the holes cut into it. I build the adaptor face as follows:

adpatedface = new BRepAdaptor_Surface(TopoDS::Face(cutface));

When I try accessing:
 adaptedface->Value(u, v); 
OCCT seems to consider the original face and not the cut face. How could I access the cutface in the parametric space?




Benjamin Bihler's picture

Could it be that this is the standard behaviour? What I know is, that if you want to decide whether a pair of u and v values is on a face, you can use BRepTopAdaptor_FClass2d for that. Check the TopAbs_State value returned by Perform(...).