Creating a Linux executable ?

Hi: I am quite new to C++ and CAS, so this is probably a stupid question. I am trying to build an executable using just a few non graphical CAS functions, like: read brep file explore topology inquire about curvature on edges and faces [namely topology and local geometric queries]. Assuming I have written a main file with all the right function calls, is it possible to build an exec without having to deal with the java runtime environment, and if so, could somebody be kind enough to provide me with a sample Makefile. I think I know how to compile but the linkage eludes me. Thanks in advance. Hugues.

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I have several simple "hello world" quality examples you can look at ( which means that they don't do much except build) , all using Makefiles, and none of which use Java.

myapp-0.11.tar.gz is an example using the qt toolkit, along with automake/autoconf.

casiges-0.01.tar.gz uses no toolkit at all (dumb text menus) and a plain Makefile.

userdraw-0.1.tar.gz lets you add new tcl commands to Draw/Test Harness in an environment separate from the Cascade source tree, and a plain Makefile.