Data Exchange / Persistance

Does anyone know the if/when the data exchange toolkit will be published ? I'm interested in importing trimmed IGES surfaces.

Does anyone know how persistant objects will be done in OpenCascade ? In the old Cascade it was done with Object Store.


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Persistence was NOT by Objectstore but in ascii files or CArchive if Windows. By the way Objectstore was used for meta-data when requested (Euclid/Design Manager API). I don't have seen its announcement for LINUX.

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Concerning the availability of the Data Exchange Component it will be published early march 2000. It will include IGES and STEP standard data exchange.

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More precisely, Object Store was used in an early version of CAS.CADE in order to save application data. It has been abandoned a long time ago. Application data are now saved in a flat ASCII file.

Nevertheless, the process of data saving is based on the Open CASCADE persistence mechanism, that is:

- Data written in a file are described by classes known as persistent. The persistent classes used by the application define the persistent data model of the application. They make up a formal definition of how data are organized in the file.

- During the process of saving the data and opening a file, the application converts its runtime data (the data on which it operates, or transient data) to and from the persistent data model.

- Open CASCADE provides a function to write and read a persistent data model into and from a file.

In the next publication, a new module (Application Framework) will entend Open CASCADE with a Data Framework providing a ready-to-use save/open function.