Default construction of BRep_Builder forgotten in occ6.5.1

Hi All,

Recently, I upgrade my OCC6.3 to OCC6.5.1, I find one project has a link error, it said BRep_Builder::BRep_Builder() can't link. I compared OCC6.3 and OCC6.5.1, and find OCC6.5.1 remove one export default constrction from BRep_Builder. I am not sure whether it's a bug.
Any suggestion is welcome. Thanks in advance.


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Dear Cauchy,
It is rather porting problem. After switch from OCCT6.3 to OCCT6.5.1 you should port your application taking into account that API of many functions changed (or were removed at all).

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Hi Supervisor,

Thank your for your reply. Okay, I will find some other way to solve this problem.


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Hello superviser,

We can't figure out how to use the new API for BRep_Builder.
We use BRep_Tools.Read(...) witch uses an instance of a BRep_Builder as parameter.
We cant create a new instance of BRep_Builder anymore becase it has no default constructor anymore.

What is the new API for Reading shapes?

Many thanks,

Guido van Hilst

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I mean we use BRepTools.Read(... ) witch uses an instance of BRep_Builder as parameter.

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Dear Guido,
Default constructor is created by compiler.
So, just declare as usual BRep_Builder aB;
and after that you can use variable "aB".

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I'm having the same problem as Guido. The linker can't find -any- constructor for the BRep_Builder. Code and error follows:

BRep_Builder builder; // error LNK2028: unresolved token (0A000065) "public: __thiscall BRep_Builder::BRep_Builder(void)" (??0BRep_Builder@@$$FQAE@XZ) referenced in function "public: bool __thiscall OCCViewer::ExportStl(char *)" (?ExportStl@OCCViewer@@$$FQAE_NPAD@Z) OCCViewer.obj

Any idea? Thanks in advance