Display a Graphic3d_ArrayOfTriangles


I have a set of triangles with color in a structure Graphic3d_ArrayOfTriangles and would like to display it in an AIS_InteractiveContext.

But my problem is : I don't know how to convert Graphic3d_ArrayOfTriangles into an AIS_InteractiveObject. Is anyone have a solution ?

Thanks in advance,


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Primitive arrays like Graphic3d_ArrayOfTriangles are expected to be added to Prs3d_Presentation together with attributes.
For this, AIS_InteractiveObject::Compute() should be implemented within sub-class.
You may try looking into existing presentations like AIS_PointCloud or AIS_Point to see how this could be done.

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Hi Kirill,

Thanks for your answer, I finally choose to use AIS_Triangulation in my implementation and i'ts works fine.