Has anyone managed to create a chm file out of the documentation?

I somehow did but got some errors during the compilation with HtmlHelpWorkshop anyway, so the the chm still refers to external htm files (for example when searching).

Maybe the OC team could distribute one with the html files? It would surely be very helpful.


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as the help is generated by Doxygen, there are options in the doxigen comfiguration file to generate the files necessary for the chm generation.
I didn't check if the doxygen configuration file is included with OpenCASCADE, but if the file is released, you can modify it, rerun doxygen and generate the chm.


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Would be nice to get the doxygen project file. Of maybe they are using a modified version of that tool?
I could not find it in the DOC distribution nor in the standard distribution.


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Hi Thomas,

you can download it here:

But having the project file(s) would be nice. Generating a Windows help with indexes would be a plus for me!



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the doxygen configuration file is not included.

i tried some freeware tools (like Abee CHM Maker) but they can't handle such a large help system. They usually report 'out of memory' or just crash even though they do theoretically have sufficient mem (2 GB).

Still waiting for/working on a solution.