DXF, SAT file format

Read/Write DXF and SAT files ...

As an old Cas.Cade customer my code use objects like :

// specific SAT //#include //#include

// specific DXF //#include //#include //#include

Where have gone these objects in 3.0 ???

Andrey Betenev's picture

Hello Philippe,

Only basic IGES and STEP translators are included in Open CASCADE. DXF/SAT translator is included into the advanced data exchange which is still a commercial product. Please see the www.opencascade.com web site for more information on that.

Best Regards, Andrey

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Hello Philippe, hello Andrey

In fact, DXF and SAT data exchange are neither part of Open CASCADE, nor a commercial product. They are no more provided with Open CASCADE 3.0 version. If you have more questions, contact sales.contact@opencascade.com or support.contact@opencascade.com.

Best regards. Martine