Experience with OpenCASCADE E-leaning courses?

Happy New Year, all!

Has anyone here taken any of the OpenCASCADE E-learning tutorials? I'm considering taking one (OCAF), and would very much appreciate hearing from others who have participated. Did you find the training helpful? How would you rate the quality of the course materials? Was the course a lot better than the published documentation (or source code)? Would you take another?

I unfortunately don't have a corporate sponsor, so I'm spending my own money here. The courses are pretty expensive (especially for those of us paying in US Dollars!) I'd appreciate your views about the value of the course.



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My company paid for me to take the 4 modules of
e-learning. It essentially consists of a series
of powerpoint presentations and tutorial
exercises. You have a support person available
via e-mail and one live chat (for a specific time
each day). E-Mail was my only alternative as the
support person was in Russia and I am in the US.

Before taking the courses, I had been using some
of the OpenCASCADE modules for many months.
I found the tutorials very useful in clarifying
some of the things I was not sure about, but
would not recomend them for someone who has not
played with the libraries.

The biggest frustrations were errors in the
slides (they claimed these were in the process
of being reviewed and updated), and the
frustration of finding the appropriate classes
in the OpenCASCADE documentation. I was using

Overall, I found the courses helped me write
better CASCADE code, but did not teach me many
new things or things I couldn't get from the
examples and the docs.

Hope this helps,

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I think it is a good thing to take E-learning because it is a very rapid way to understand a lot of things... even if after the lessons you discover that you do not know as many things you should. For me the problem is that e-learning did not gave me enougth knowlege for the money, but I was abble to understand more rapidly how to work with OCC. Considering this point of vue, the result is positive.
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