Extract shape parameters from TopoDS_Solid or TopoDS_Shape?

Hi, All


Got on my hands STEP file, which I was able to read and retrieve TopoDS_Shape(TopoDS_Solid). It looks like small tube bent along complex path.

I'm able to display it, check flags etc, so far so good. But how I could extract actual solid parameters (radii, bending path)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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All features, such as bends, whatever, are lost once the model is saved to STEP (or any other neutral) format. Generally speaking, what you need is automatic feature recognition. In a simple setting, you can just traverse through the faces of your model and check the host surface types. A cylindrical surface may mean bend. Its radius will be the radius you're looking for. Can you share your file to have better idea on kind of features it contains?

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thank you for the reply.

Yes, I have several faces etc inside the solid, but they all are of TopoDS_Face type, so question how to get data from that is still open.

Please find attached STEP file

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I will have a look, thanks. In the meanwhile, you can refer to BRep_Tool::Surface() method which gives access to the host geometry of your topological faces.

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Thank you , will try

Just in case I've attached Python code I used to read and display it - works for me on Anaconda2, python-2.7, python OCC binding



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Hi Severin 

I have made a small script that shows your step-data,

and loops over the edges.: ExtractShape

​In the log file you can see all curve types.

Best regards, Guido

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Thank you, Guido

looks like what I needed